Speech and Drama

The speech and drama section comprises two parts; dramatic skills and the spoken word. Most classes are divided into age categories so competitors will be performing with people of a similar age. Open classes are specifically aimed at entrants who have never performed in that particular class before.
There is a variety of verse speaking classes available including
•    an own choice favourite poem,
•    sonnet speaking,
•    comedy poem,
•    any choice of poem by a specified author,
•    a recent addition is any poem on the subject of being a global citizen – poetry that reflects upon living in todays world.
For the younger entrants there is an own choice of two nursery rhymes to be memorised and spoken.
Prose is well represented with
•    an own choice comedy prose piece,
•    any choice of prepared prose reading from a specified author’s novels,
The beautiful prose of the King James Version of the Bible can be explored and enjoyed in two bible and prayer book reading classes.
For the particularly brave or accomplished there are sight reading (poetry or prose) classes and for the actors, solo improvisation and devised acting classes. Exciting stuff and not for the faint hearted!
Actors can also choose from
•    solo or duologue acting,
•    Shakespearian solo or duologue acting
•    group acting
devised drama
musical theatre

Each class is adjudicated by a professional, experienced adjudicator who will give advice and encouragement to the whole class and also individual advice to each entrant in an adjudication report. Marks are allocated using the International Federation of Festivals marking system, certificates are awarded to third, second and first places with medals given for third and second place and a trophy presented for first place.

Stephanie Heney
Stephanie HeneyDrama Co-ordinator